Beyond conflict free Diamonds

At Starfire, we have the ability to source you diamonds that are conflict-free and certified with GIA international grading from reliable and reputable mines and diamond cutting factories worldwide. Not only do we specialise in sourcing any cut, clarity, colour and carat diamond you dream of, but we also only source diamonds that meet our company's high standards. All our diamonds are carefully selected and handpicked by our team of highly experienced diamond experts and are of the highest calibre.

Conflictor blood diamonds are those which may finance civil wars and are mined by unethical and unsafe practices. Certified conflict-free diamonds are safely mined. When you purchase a conflict-free diamond, you can rest assured that it has been mined and obtained through a safe process that prevents environmental damage and societal harm, and does not support any criminal activity. Ethical diamonds can go further in supporting safe working conditions, preventing environmental degradation and ensuring human rights. Through the correct requirements and regulations, known as the Kimberly Process, we obtain conflict-free diamonds for you to meet the highest ethical standards.

Starfire Diamond Jewellery sources diamonds through the GIA which also provides a Diamond Origin Report. This report helps trace diamonds from its origin to its final cut and polished state. By collecting and analysing the diamond’s measurements and footprints, a unique identification number is assigned to rough diamonds. Through these processes, Starfire can ensure your stunning, precious gemstone is obtained through ethical and environmentally-safe means.

Ethical Alternatives to Diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds

An alternative to naturally mined diamonds is lab-created diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with the same types of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Since natural diamonds and high-quality stones are identical in look, it is impossible to distinguish between lab and real diamonds with the naked eye.

Couples may have different reasons for choosing lab-grown diamonds. Creating lab diamonds is more sustainable than mining. Where natural diamonds require tonnes of Earth to be excavated, displaced and sifted, lab-created diamonds only take a few weeks to months to grow.

Recycled Diamonds

Using recycled diamonds can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of your gorgeous hand-crafted rings. These diamonds are the most environmentally-friendly, as they are already mined and ready to be repurposed for your special jewellery pieces. In this market, you can find unique antique cuts that are not as common nowadays. Alternatively, you can find old diamonds that have been recut and polished to absolute perfection over time.

Gemstone Alternatives

Gemstones come in a gorgeous array of colours. Their natural beauty and lustrous shine add a striking accent in any jewellery design. Vibrant colours at play refract the light and add a touch of colour to your life. Starfire can source exquisitely hued rubies, emeralds, sapphires and aquamarines for your custom designs.