Gift Card Policy*

*Terms and conditions: 

  • Starfire Diamond Jewellery eGift Cards (eGift Cards) are available for amounts between $100 and $5000.
  • Please treat eGift Cards like cash. Lost or stolen eGift Cards cannot be replaced or refunded.
  • Subject to our fraud review process and technology service providers, eGift Cards are generally emailed to the designated recipient within 30 minutes after purchase.
  • eGift Cards can be redeemed for purchases at Starfire Diamond Jewellery Online and in our 152 Oxford Street Bulimba Showroom.
  • eGift Cards can be redeemed in whole or for part of a payment.
  • eGift Cards are not redeemable for cash or credit, and no change will be given.
  • eGift Cards expire 12 months after the date of purchase.



 You and any person who uses a Gift Card agree to be bound by these terms.


 The Gift Card is a payment tool for use as follows:

  1. Australia: On our Australian Website or in-store at our Starfire Diamond Jewellery showroom.

Gift Cards can be redeemed all at once, or can repeatedly be used until the Gift Card balance reaches zero. If a transaction value exceeds the remaining balance on a Gift Card, you must pay the difference directly to Starfire Diamond Jewellery using alternative means of payment acceptable to the Starfire Diamond Jewellery Showroom.

You cannot:

  1. Load additional credit onto a Gift Card;
  2. Redeem a Gift Card for cash;
  3. Use a Gift Card to purchase another Gift Card; or
  4. Return a Gift Card if you change your mind.



Traditional Gift Cards can be purchased in our Starfire Diamond Jewellery Showroom and eGift Cards can be purchased online from our Australian website.



Gift Cards may be purchased at a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $5000 per card.

The purchase price of a Gift Card corresponds to the chosen value of the Gift Card. The dollar value of the Gift Card includes GST where applicable.



Gift Cards will have no value until they are activated.

The activation process for each Gift Card type is as follows:

  1. Where a purchase for a Traditional Gift Card is made in the Starfire Diamond Jewellery Showroom, the Gift Card will be activated immediately.
  2. Where a purchase for an eGift Card is made at our Website, subject to our fraud review process and technology service providers, the eGift Card will generally be activated within 30 minutes of purchase.

On activation, the Gift Card is available for use. There is a PIN code allocated to each Gift Card. The PIN code is used for security, checking the current balance and for Website purchases only.


Gift Cards are valid for a term of 12 months  from the date of purchase.

Any unused balance remaining on a Gift Card upon expiry shall be forfeited and will not be refunded or credited to you.


The Gift Card should be kept safe at all times and stored with the same care and attention as cash. Starfire Diamond Jewellery shall not be responsible to you for any damage to, unauthorized use of, loss or theft of, a Gift Card


Starfire Diamond Jewellery reserves the right to cancel any Gift Card, or the Gift Card program for any reason at any time without notice. Upon cancellation by Starfire Diamond Jewellery, the balance on all unexpired Gift Cards will be refunded upon presentation of the Gift Card in our showroom.


1. Redeemable for in -store purchases only.

2. Non -refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full. 

3. Items purchased using this gift voucher are subject to our usual terms of sale.

4. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.


$50 Voucher- applicable on any items in store

$100 Voucher - applicable on any items in store

$250 Voucher -applicable on diamond Jewellery in store

$500 Voucher - applicable on diamond Jewellery in store

*Gift voucher card are valid up to 3m from the date of purchase*.


Governing law: The purchase of a Gift Card from Starfire Diamond Jewellery in store or our Australian Website, will be governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, Australia.

Privacy: Purchase of a Gift Card does entail registration of personal data, i.e. name and address of the beneficiary and credit card details of the purchaser. These details are needed to establish and process your Gift Card. Starfire Diamond Jewellery is committed to preserving the privacy of its customers. The Starfire Privacy Policy is set out on the Starfire Diamond Jewellery Website. If you have any questions about Starfire Diamond Jewellery Privacy Statement, please contact

Force majeure: Starfire Diamond Jewellery shall not be liable to you for any delay or failure to perform its obligations under these Terms if the cause of such delay or failure is beyond Starfire’s reasonable control. Problem: If you require assistance or have a problem with your Gift Card you should contact Starfire Diamond Jewellery through its Website.

Amendments to Terms: Starfire Diamond Jewellery may amend these Terms from time to time at its discretion. Any amendments to these Terms will be effective upon publication on the Website.


In these Terms, the following words have the following meanings:

"Business Day" means Monday to Friday and excluding public holidays;

"Gift Card" means a gift card issued by Starfire Diamond Jewellery;

"Terms" means these terms as amended from time to time;

"Australian Website" means the website accessed via

"you" means the purchaser of the Gift Card and any holder of the Gift Card for the time being.