Q- Report

Why we choose Q Report.

Q Report Jewellery Insurance is Australia's leading provider of specialist jewellery insurance. Whether you’re looking for diamond jewellery insurance, engagement ring insurance, wedding ring insurance, watch insurance, pearl jewellery insurance or any other luxury jewellery insurance, we’ve got you covered.

Their policies are specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of jewellery insurance. Q Report are proud to provide jewellery insurance policies that are simple and transparent. With Q Report, you will always have the option to return to your preferred jeweller in the event of a claim. Their jewellery insurance gives you 12 months worldwide cover for all types of jewellery, inside and outside the home. You’ll receive global protection from the moment you leave your jeweller for loss, theft or damage to your jewellery (subject to approval). We’re here to help you Protect the Things You Love.

Here at Starfire we can provide you with an instant insurance quote if you wish to purchase and insure a piece of jewellery from us